When technology works, it can get your business running smooth, your home life together, and above all save you hours of time.

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Originally founded in 2014, Eric Richner Consulting has helped clients utilize technology for a better life.

By setting up the hardware and teaching people what they need to know, our clients are able to use their Apple products without worry.

They know everything will sync, stay up to date, and protect their data at every corner.

I’m Eric Richner, owner and founder of Eric Richner Consulting since 2008.

Through the years, I’ve encountered almost every tech problem possible. After a while, some of my clients started calling me the “Apple Wizard” because I would quickly fix any problem on their list.

While I love making Apple devices work seamlessly, protection of data has been my number one focus.

It’s always been important to make sure my clients are safe in this ever changing world. Everything I’ve learned helps my clients stay away from scams, hackers, and any data stealing.

By building this company, I’ve been able to expand my reach and help more people enjoy all the benefits of their Apple gadgets.